Screw Designs In Injection Molding

Screw Designs In Injection Molding
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5 مارس 2018

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Screw Designs In Injection Molding – Technical Expertise Information
• The classical three-section screw can be employed with adequate quality for the processing of many thermoplastics.
• When demands on throughput performance and molding quality rise, the three-section screw comes up against its limits.
• If requirements, with regard to throughput and melt homogeneity, are high, double- and multiple flighted screws and also barrier screws afford significant advantages.
• Homogeneity may also be improved by means of additional shear and mixing sections.
• Efficient optimization of screw geometry taking the many mutually interacting parameters into consideration is possible by means of computer simulations.
• BASF possesses, on the one hand, a suitable simulation program and, on the other hand, has many years of experience in the optimization and use of screws.
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