Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Volume 2

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Volume 2
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Myer Kutz
9 سبتمبر 2018
(لا توجد تقييمات)

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Volume 2
Design, Instrumentation, and Controls, 4 edition
Myer Kutz
Preface ix
Vision for the Fourth Edition xi
Contributors xiii
1. Computer-Aided Design 3
Emory W. Zimmers Jr., Charalambos A. Marangos, Sekar Sundararajan,
and Technical Staff
2. Product Design for Manufacturing and Assembly 55
Gordon Lewis
3. Design-for-Environment Processes and Tools 75
Daniel P. Fitzgerald, Thornton H. Gogoll, Linda C. Schmidt, Jeffrey W. Herrmann,
and Peter A. Sandborn
4. Design Optimization: An Overview 97
A. Ravi Ravindran and G. V. Reklaitis
5. Total Quality Management in Mechanical System Design 125
B. S. Dhillon
6. Reliability in the Mechanical Design Process 149
B.S. Dhillon
7. Product Design and Manufacturing Processes for Sustainability 177
I. S. Jawahir, P. C. Wanigarathne, and X. Wang
8. Life-Cycle Design 207
Abigail Clarke and John K. Gershenson
9. Design for Maintainability 249
O. Geoffrey Okogbaa and Wilkistar Otieno
10. Design for Remanufacturing Processes 301
Bert Bras
11. Design for Manufacture and Assembly with Plastics 329
James A. Harvey
12. Design for Six Sigma: A Mandate for Competitiveness 341
James E. McMunigal and H. Barry Bebb
13. Engineering Applications of Virtual Reality 371
Wenjuan Zhu, Xiaobo Peng, and Ming C. Leu
14. Physical Ergonomics 417
Maury A. Nussbaum and Jaap H. van Dieën
viiviii Contents
15. Electric Circuits 439
Albert J. Rosa
16. Measurements 565
E. L. Hixson and E. A. Ripperger
17. Signal Processing 579
John Turnbull
18. Data Acquisition and Display Systems 597
Philip C. Milliman
19. Systems Engineering: Analysis, Design, and Information Processing for Analysis
and Design 625
Andrew P. Sage
20. Mathematical Models of Dynamic Physical Systems 667
K. Preston White Jr.
21. Basic Control Systems Design 747
William J. Palm III
22. General-Purpose Control Devices 805
James H. Christensen, Robert J. Kretschmann, Sujeet Chand, and Kazuhiko Yokoyama
23. Neural Networks in Feedback Control Systems 843
K. G. Vamvoudakis, F.L. Lewis, and Shuzhi Sam Ge
24. Mechatronics 895
Shane Farritor and Jeff Hawks
25. Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS):
Design and Application 943
M. E. Zaghloul
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