Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting (1915)

Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting (1915)
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Charles H. ampson, B. S.
27 أكتوبر 2017

Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting (1915)
Charles H. ampson, B. S.
Head of Technical Department, Huntington School, Boston, Mass. In charge
of the courses in Shop Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Plan Reading, Shop
Sketching, and Machine Design as conducted by the University Extension
Department of the Massachusetts Board of Education.
Author of “Algebra Review,” “Woodturning Exercises,” “Assignment Manual
of Algebra,” “Pattern Making,” and various courses for the University
Extension Department.
Although there are many excellent works on the market covering in a more or less complete way the subject of
Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting, it has been my experience that most of these are not sufficiently extensive
and practical to admit their use in schools where it is necessary to devote a large amount of time to the subject, or in
classes composed of men wishing instruction of a practical nature. The course as herein presented has proven its
worth, and large numbers graduated from it have experienced no difficulty in securing and retaining drafting positions.
Sufficient ground is covered in the elements of Mechanical Drawing to insure a solid foundation for the work of a more
practical nature following.
I hope that this book will prove to be all that I think it to be. I am exceedingly anxious to make any desirable
improvements, and would therefore welcome suggestions from either the teacher or the man in the office.
Several important changes have been made in this edition. Material has been added which should improve
the course presented, and every effort has been made to make the work as it should be. It is hoped that these changes
and additions will
prove valuable to both the teacher and student and add greatly to the efficiency of the book as a
means of properly imparting a knowledge of the subject which it represents.
This text is especially intended for use in the class room. Every effort has been made to produce an ideal
text for this
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